The history of Bengal Tandoori Lisbon


The Bengal Tandoori Restaurant. It has been in Portugal for more than 20 years. Having been born of the vision of a Mechanical Engineer living in London but of Indian origin, who after a vacation in our country, sees potential business in a small restaurant in the Ajuda area in Lisbon and ends up leaving England and moving to Portugal thus creating one of the best and most successful Indian Restaurants in Portugal.

Bengal Tandoori Restaurant and the Voyage of Flavors


From West Bengal, a state in western India, known for its culinary richness and its typical tandoor oven comes the Bengal Tandoori Restaurant, boasting one of the noblest countries in the world, known for its ability to appeal to 5 senses since the smell through its herbs, the vision through the strong colors, the touch through the most different textures, the palate through the strong flavors, one of the best characteristics of its cuisine.

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